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About Tip Top Chinese Dublin

Here at Tip Top Chinese, we wanted to give our customers a different perspective on Chinese Food. When you think Chinese most people just associate it with fried rice, dumplings and other similar dishes. But Chinese cuisine is more than just three dishes. The way we see it the core appeal of traditional Chinese food lies on its flavour. It's unique combination of tastes to create meals. And that's something that is at the forefront of our restaurant. That's why we focus on offering Chinese not through the most popular takeaway dishes but rather through the flavour only the sauces and spices of China can offer.

Tip Top Chinese Dublin Restaurant

We are currently located in the Dublin area, on Tallaght, High Street; to be more specific we are currently located in High Street Tallaght Dublin 24. As such this functionally places us right in the middle of one of the main food court areas in town, so there's no way you'll ever miss out on our restaurant. That said if you ever need to order from home don’t forget that we also offer takeaway, both delivery and pick-up are available online through our site and official app, Tip Top Chinese, available both on Google Play and Apple's App Store. Order soon and discover the true flavour of Italy in every bite.

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